Platform Features

For Patients & Their Representatives

Stroke Active has been built around the patients recovery. We have kept the platform simple to use, but packed with useful features.

For Healthcare Professionals

This platform transforms the way that you communicate, manage and track your patient’s recovery. It is proven to save you time and money.

Why Sign Up As A Patient?

Patient sign up is done via the app and will be available soon. 

Appoint up to two Patient Representatives (family members, carers etc) to support you throughout your rehabilitation, and invite any existing Therapists.

Maintain focus and track progress with our daily and weekly Task Manager.

Replay videos for your bespoke exercises set by your therapists at your leisure.

Communicate with your team via your personal, secure Message Board.

Why Sign Up As A Healthcare Professional?

Have patients connect directly to you.

Manage your patients rehabilitation programs via our Task Manager and Video labelling function.

Design, amend and track your Patient’s program ‘on the go’.

Easily communicate with other members of the Patient’s team via their message board.